Saturday, March 23, 2013

moving forwards

Look what I bought! Wee fuzzy green bunnies! Aren't they just the cutest thing you ever did see? I saw them again at Essential Ingredient, and luckily they told me I could buy them just down the road at Blue Star Elements. So, naturally, I did.

And they bring a smile to my face whenever I enter the living room.


I had a day of leisure yesterday. I've just finished up a six-month contract with a local company where I overhauled their online presence. I worked on the SEO, came up with a redesign for the website (that the very talented in-house designer brought to life from my dodgy drawings) and worked on their social media. It was a challenge, and I succeeded, so woo hoo!

Now I'm back to regular freelancing again, writing, doing what I love. And I am so looking forward to it. I've tidied my desk and cleared my mind and am ready to move forward. But I needed a little space before diving back into it. So yesterday was designated PPMJ's Day Of Leisure*.

It started with those Gaytime Cupcakes I mentioned the other day. Yep, I had one for breakfast. With a friend.

Life's too short, sometimes you just have to have a cupcake for breakfast don't you think?

And then if you feel like ribs from Quint Cafe, well, don't you think you should just go and have them? And if you should also drop in and see friends in local stores - and probably buy a wee pair of bunny earrings if you see them. For your daughter. For easter. Shhhhhh.

And perhaps finish up with a spontaneous dinner at the SurfHouse with friends.

Yep, that's the way to do a Day Of Leisure.

*PS: this is totally inspired by my friend C who was a Librarian of Leisure when she came back from her OS hols for a week or two.

Happy weekend everyone. Regular programming including the much-neglected French Word of the Day resumes next week.


  1. I love those bunnies...yay for Blue Star Element, love that shop too :)
    I'm glad you had a fabulous PPMJ Day of Leisure, sounds just what you needed. In fact, it's what we all need and should do from time to time...I highly recommend it ;)

    1. Day of Leisure is the best thing ever. Thank you! x

  2. That day sounds just perfect! And well done you for doing a fab job! Sounds challenging but interesting.

    My favourite Dubai cafe has fuzzy green rocks in their Easter display.

  3. Oh those bunnies!!! They are adorable.
    Mine are all days of leisure now but I do remember when I was working how wonderful it was not to have to answer to anyone and do what I wanted to do. So glad you enjoyed your wonderful day. xx

  4. Oh you bought them. I'm so glad. Your day sounds perfect.


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