Sunday, March 17, 2013

sweet sunday

On Friday I went out for my regular lunch with my friend A, with a Special Guest Appearance (yep, just like Heather Locklear in Melrose Place) by our friend C. We went to try out the ribs at Quint cafe (oh MY!) and as we walked through Essential Ingredient to the cafe at the back we saw these.

Wee fuzzy green bunnies!

We may have both squealed a little and said things like "ooooooh, lil green fuzzy bunnies" before pulling out our phones to Instagram them.

How cute are they?

How much do I need one?

Are they even for sale?

So many questions, and so much cute for a Sunday.


And happy Saint Patrick's Day!


  1. Special Guest Appearance...Love you to bits for that!!! Was an excellent lunch and those bunnies are the cutest thing ever...well, besides real bunnies ;)

    1. So glad you loved it, have been snickering myself stupid ever since I wrote it x

  2. They truly are cute, imagine them in your garden!


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