Thursday, March 28, 2013

the write stuff

I've never been one to attend lectures outside of regular schooling, but lately I've found myself stumbling upon a few artist talks - and absolutely loving them. So I am super-dooper-beside-myself-excited about next weekend's Newcastle Writer's Festival.

I love knowing what makes people tick, hearing what inspires them, getting a glimmer of inspiration from them and soaking up just a wee bit of their creativity. It's like watching cooking shows; most of the time I'm just sitting there, being entertained, but every now and again I learn a tip that makes my life that little bit better.

I've got tickets to four events, including the opening with Miriam Margolyes. I'm a bit starstruck and excited about this. She looks like a woman with a life well-lived - that's what I want people to say about me. I'm just about to go check out the program and see how much more I can squish in around netball (it's the first playing day so I have my 10-year-old team I'm coaching AND my daughter's team playing!).

Are you in Newcastle? Check out the programme, I'm sure there's something you'll like. In Sydney? Come up for the day, or the weekend. Click here for all the details.

French word of the day: écrivain (eh - cree - vah) writer.


  1. It is great to have an enquiring mind with a wide range of interests and I am sure you will learn a lot from these events you will be attending.
    I hope the netball goes well and both teams are successful. x

    1. Thanks Mimsie, I agree. And yes, can't wait to get the netball season up and running.

  2. Sounds like lots of fun. Wish I lived closer, i'd be there with bells on:) Look forward to a rundown next week:) x


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