Friday, April 26, 2013

fabulous friday

Aahhh, last day of the school holidays. Bless. My gal's still asleep, despite getting back close to her regular bedtime. Bless her sleep socks. I've got a rather lovely day planned. Bit of work, lunch at Le Petite Deux with a fabulous friend, then more work. Bit of hanging out with my gal as well.

How pretty is this living room above? Don't you love how squishy and inviting that couch is? And that reading chair? To die for.

Have a fabulous friday x


  1. Your day should be a sheer delight so just enjoy all of it. Our schools in the west have another week of their 2 week holiday left.
    I am not sure I could live in a house that posh!! Phil tends to leave his Weekend Australian spread out over the floor plus his shoes, slippers etc. It would spoil the look of the room. : )

    1. Thanks Mimsie, it's been utterly lovely so far.

      And yes, I know what you mean about a weekend's paper... You'd need to pretend that and the slippers were part of the decor x


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