Friday, April 05, 2013

flowers for a fabulous friday

Look - peonies! Aren't they pretty? I'm in the mood for some pretty to help boost my happy mood even higher. See, tonight the Newcastle Writers Festival starts, and I am beside myself. There's so much awesome happening that I'll be skipping from fabulous to fabulouser! (why on earth is that not a real word? Honestly English language...)

Are you in Newy? There are still tix available for some events, including MORE tickets made available for the super-popular Pride and Prejudice session (so popular I'm wondering if they've got a wet-white-shirted Mr Darcy appearing...). Plus, there's lots of free, free, FREE sessions. Go here to check it out.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. (ps: yes, I may have used up my 'fabulous' quota... oh, too bad, fabulous is as fabulous does!)

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  1. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!

  2. I hope it's FANTASTIC, PPMJ. It's such an awesome initiative. Go the Regions, I say!!!

    Love your peonies. I'm thinking about trying to grow some in the garden. Am I mad?


  3. Your excitement is infectious. Hope you have fab time too! G.x

  4. I do so wish we could grow peonies in Perrh. I enjoy looking at the pics so much.
    Do have a fabulous weekend and we look forward to reading all about it.
    French for fabulous....fabuleux. Perhaps you could use that in future. Just suggesting. x


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