Friday, April 12, 2013

flowers for friday

A friday as fabulous as this could only deserve the prettiest of parrot tulips don't you think? How gorgeous are they? Can you imagine them en-masse, say 3 dozen of them in a bowl? Oh my.

It's my gal's last day of school before the holidays today. Next week we're off to fabulous Burrawang in the Southern Highlands for a week. BLISS.

Tonight I'm off to French Fridays at The Tower Cinemas - French films via Alliance Francaise. Parfait. I'm taking my mum and step-dad tonight, trying to squish in as much quality time as possible while they're up here.

Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Those tulips are a sheer delight. Hope you have a great night and a wonderful week away in Burrawang next week and that the weather treats you well. x

  2. Have a wonderful trip away and enjoy time with your precious girl.


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