Monday, April 01, 2013

meal planning monday

Good afternoon! Sorry for my tardiness, we've been away at my in-laws and I'm just back on deck. Here's what's on the meal plan this week.

Monday: tonight I'm off to Movies in the Vineyards again to see Rocky Horror (so excited!) My friend S and I have booked a hamper, so I'll be supping on popcorn with truffle butter, gourmet sarnies and some kind of awesome dessert. I know, it's a tough life. I'm making a double-batch of bolognaise for the gal and my hubby.

Tuesday: it's my gal's netball training, so I'll make a pasta bake with the leftover bolognaise. Serve it with a green salad as a nod of my head toward health.

Wednesday: I'm going to make caramelised pork with udon noodles. Why would I not?

Thursday: I haven't made chicken schnitzel for yonks. Best. And serve it with lemon roasted potatoes and lots of steamed greens.

Friday: I'm off to an art exhibition at The Lock Up tonight. Homemade pizza is a good dinner option.

Saturday: I know there's something I should be cooking. Lamb shanks perhaps? With soft polenta?

Sunday: BBQ time. Squid and chorizo perhaps. With lots of salad.

And that's it. Woo hoo. You?

French word of the day: horreur (hoh- rer) horror, in honour of my fave film.

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  1. I have no idea, I have not had time to think about it this week, suppose ill make it up as I go! Chicken schnitys are a firm favourite in our house!

  2. I like the sound of your Wednesday and Saturday!

    We did a big cook-up today: 4 serves of chicken and spinach curry and 6 serves of shepherd's pie (with potato, carrot and swede mash topping) for the freezer, then roast chicken for dinner. My partner is currently making rice paper rolls with leftover chicken, and the rest we'll use for lemon chicken pasta tomorrow night.

    Feeling very smug with our organisational skills!

  3. Once again I am truly amazed at your fantastic menus for the week. x


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