Friday, May 10, 2013

fabulous friday

Ahhhh, Friday, you saucy minx you. How GOOD is a Friday? Well, must say that mine's particularly good when it starts with a walk with a friend along Merewether to Bar Beach AND you see a massive pod of dolphins frolicking. Cuteness!

This afternoon I'm catching up for drinks with some of the lads from my old workplace, THEN I'm off to a games night with some of the gals. Yep, boardgames, drinkies and giggles. Sounds good to me.

PS: this pic? Lunch the other week at Le Petit Deux - gotta love a rose and a glass of vino.

Have a fabulous Friday x


  1. Another fabulous Friday for you. Enjoy!!! What a fantastic rose. Love the colour and the colour of the vino too. x

  2. Ahhh, memories. Think I might get myself a glass of something right now! Cheers, my friend xo


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