Tuesday, May 21, 2013

feeding the soul

A few years ago I was in Newcastle and needed to buy a drink. The only thing opened was KFC, which was housed in the most glorious old building. I walked in, bought my drink and felt sad that such a beautiful building housed a brightly lit takeaway.

KFC shortly moved and built the largest store in the Southern Hemisphere {so not something to be proud of} and that fabulous building was dormant.

And sad.

But now it's happy.

Ever so happy.

You see, last week Soul Foods Café opened up and it is a delight!

It's filled with a gorgeously eclectic range of furniture - with an awesome range of seating options. From these fabulous princess chairs that my friend C and I sat in, to window seats with hessian coffee sack cushions, and bright red Tolix chairs. Fab.

And look at the details! Pretty red and pink salt and pepper shakers, and old apothecary bottles filled with sugar. SWEET!

The food? Oh, I'm glad you asked.




This is a butter chicken pie topped with sweet potato mash. It was awesome, but you know what was even more awesome? That pickled red cabbage and nashi pear salad. See those walnuts? THEY WERE CANDIED! Yep, coated in toffee. My mouth died and went to heaven.

Sweet vintage plates for serving too.

I like me some cute detailing.

This is pomegranate sorbet. It would be a sin not to try it. It was velvety smooth and bloody delicious. I think I might marry it.

Soul Foods is located at 227 Hunter Street, *just* before the Mall.

I think you should go there.


  1. Oh what a delight that Soul Food Cafe is and trust you to discover it!! I really dislike KFC and to see a cafe such as this one replace it truly is wonderful.
    I would go there PPMJ but over 2,000 miles a bit far even for an excellent meal. : )

  2. We have to go back, I want to try other things, have more candied walnuts and try the salted caramel gelato. Perfect!

  3. Oh yum yum yum. There is a strawberry salad with candied pecans floating around Pinterest that is to die for, you should search it out.

  4. Finally, inner city Newcastle finds its soul...... and to think it had only been out back the in Lorn all this time!! :) Well done Megs!

  5. Righto another place to add to my list to visit.


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