Tuesday, May 14, 2013

it's only words

There are many rewards of being a blogger - the main one is the interaction. Remember this post? I was writing about the hidden gems of Newcastle {surprise!} and mentioned my favourite piece of graffiti. Well, imagine, just imagine my delight when I received the following comment:

"I painted the original "we will never again be together so young" with my friends on my year abroad at Newy uni. It was a saying in broken english by my german housemate, which kind of summed up the magic of our year abroad. I'm so sad that it's gone, but it's amazing that it keeps popping up again!"

Tears, tears I tell you.

I'd always wondered about the origins of this saying, originally written in beautiful white cursive script out on Nobby's breakwall. And now I need wonder no more.

I think the definition was even better than anything I'd come up with in my imagination.

So, for you, oh fabulous Anonymous one, here is the latest version that's appeared right at the tip of the breakwall.



  1. How wonderful to discover the 'owner' of the original graffiti. Those words are beautiful and it something of course that all of us can say to and of our friends and loved ones, regardless of our age at any given time.
    It is great there is a later version. Let's hope the tradition will continue through the years. Truly lovely. xx

  2. No! Way!! How wonderful...sometimes you put stuff out into the universe and it comes back...in a delightful way.

  3. Must be the day for it! I just had someone from Glasgow comment on a post I wrote about Belle and Sebastian back in Jan of 2010!!! So cute!!

  4. Love it!

    Love the saying, the emotion behind it and the fact that it has come full-circle (in a way).

    We often have "Oh wow" moments about the contact we get through the "interwebs". People from all over the world viewing our recipes (they love the chicken & mango salad recipe), our likes on facebook, and the customers we have from abroad who order gift boxes for their loved ones in Newcastle.

  5. Now that's good internets! How fantastic to finally have a backstory!


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