Monday, May 27, 2013

meal planning monday

After cooking in a commercial-style kitchen yesterday {cooking class - blog post to come!} this image leapt out at me. I think I could quite go for a kitchen like this - especially with those floor-to-ceiling windows. Oh my!

Here's what's cooking in my kitchen this week.

Monday: The rain's decided to come and play today - so chances are no netball training. Last week's green chicken curry with steamed green veg and rice was a hit - so I'm making it again.

Tuesday: My gal's netball training - and I'll be going along again to help them with a few things. We'll have spaghetti bolognaise when I get home. In fact, I'll start cooking it in the afternoon so it's rich and delish.

Wednesday: Burlesque class for me. I've got some peri-peri chicken breasts to make burgers with lots of crunchy cos lettuce and grated carrot.

Thursday: I'm off to the Newcastle premiere of The Great Gatsby. My friend C and I shall be glamming up and sipping champagne - so an early dinner is called for. Thai beef salad I think.

Friday: Hubby and I are off to the movies, to see a double-header of Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs - retro! We'll quickly scoff down something before we leave - soup perhaps?

Saturday: I don't think we have anything planned tonight so I'll cook up a coq au vin.

Sunday: Salmon on the bbq tonight. With loads and loads of salad.


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