Friday, June 28, 2013

fabulous friday

The sky has been very grey lately, and, along with it, so has my mood. So I thought I'd post this pic from my ride the other week to remind myself that there is beauty out there. It's just behind the grey clouds...


  1. The sun is trying to shine here at the moment, but I think we are in for much more rain. I do think there is beauty to be found in the greys and a bit of moodiness. Give us time to contemplate and help us appreciate the sunshine and better times. But this month has been more gloom than glee, so onwards and upwards and plenty of hugs. xo

  2. Living in Oregon, I can understand the grey sky moods. Here's hoping that your skies brighten soon. By the way, I miss your French Word for the Day!

  3. That is a beautiful photo and thanks for sharing it.
    Grey skies pass eventually but we have to be thankful for the rain (or at least in Perth we always are) as it is a much needed commodity in many part of the world.


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