Saturday, June 29, 2013

half yearly report

Wowzers, we are pretty much halfway through the year. How did that happen? Now funnily enough, I was planning on assessing how well I was going with my 52 New Things and then there was a comment yesterday from Lorrie reminding me of my French Word a Day.


So let's see how I'm going shall we?

Let's start with what's going well. Making the bed every day is pretty much a given, aside from the odd day or two. But considering I went from never, to virtually always that's pretty good!

I took a cooking class with my friend A, and it was fabulous. Shall be doing that again one day.

I've been discovering new music, probably not one a week, but I've added quite a few to my list, including wunderkind George Barnett (whose version of Get Lucky may even be better than Daft Punk's!).

Go on more dates with my husband. This is a big YES! Tonight we're going to an Underground Epicureans secret supper club where we'll be dressing up big time and having a blast.

I've organised another Newy Tweet Up for Twitter peeps. We're having NewyTwistmasInJuly next month! Yayness!

I've been pretty good at putting away the washing. Not great, but better than I was. Probably 60/40.

I've been trying to up the vege ante in my husband and daughter's diet, which has coincided with trying new recipes. Husband is now a fan of roasted purple cauliflower and brussell sprouts cooked in chicken stock and then baked. Daughter, well, we're still searching for her fave...

See more live music - oh this is a YES! Sarah Blasko next month, The Breeders in October, and we're taking the gal to see Harrison Ford, the winner of The Voice, in November.

I'm also shopping locally more often, hence last night's enormous pork shoulder from the butcher. It was delicious!

Start saving for our holiday next year - yes, this IS happening!

Join a book club! Yes! This afternoon we're having our fourth meeting, and I'm loving it.

So there you go, that's 11 out of 52. Not bad. Now I just need to get back on track with French Word of The Day and a few others.

So let's start now:

French word of the Day: souper (supper!) to have supper. (Pronounced super!)

Have a fabulous weekend x


  1. Excellent! I can't believe the year is pretty much half gone too...

    1. Speedy gonzales year! At least we've had lots of fun x

  2. Merci beaucoup :)

  3. Tres bon! You are doing well with 11/52 which is a tad ahead of me. I am making my bed every day but with just a sheet and large comforter it is easy. Phil? Well he has a blanket as well but it always looks like a disaster area!!! He makes his when he goes to bed at night but his bed is furtherest from the door so not to be seen if anyone should by chance be here.
    I am trying to be more ahead with meal planning and the laundry is being put away, well most of the time, the clothes anyway. The sheets and towels tend to sit in the basket as Phil folds them when taking them off the line and yet I don't put them away. Why? Heaven knows, as I don't!!
    I have begun to sort out more of that 'stuff' we seem to accumulate over the years so more trips to the op shop but hardly see where it has been yet. Must do more sorting.
    They say the road is paved with good intentions but at times my road gets a bit rocky so I sit down and have a rest. : )


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