Thursday, June 06, 2013

helena does elizabeth

I am ridiculously excited that Helena Bonham Carter is to play Elizabeth Taylor in a telemovie about the relationship between Taylor and Burton that reignited when they co-starred in the play Private Lives.

Please Australian television - bring this to me sooner than later.


  1. Excellent casting. Who is playing Burton? That's not Johnny Depp!

  2. Looks like Dominic West to me.....Can't hardly wait!

  3. I am not usually keen on people playing modern people but am hoping this will prove to be good viewing. They certainly have chosen the story of a very controversial and well known couple so here's hoping. I am showing my age but no nothing of either the actress or the actor.

  4. That looks fabulous!! She's looking a bit Sherilyn Fenn there a la Audrey Horne!


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