Monday, June 03, 2013

meal planning monday

Hey all, how's your monday treating you? To a grey and frosty show? Mine too! So there's comforting food on the meal plan this week. Here's what we're eating:

Monday: Salmon patties with salad tonight. My gal has ballet and I have netball development clinics instead of netball training. So I'll make these this afternoon and whack them in the fridge, ready to bake when I get home.

Tuesday: I'm bored with everything I cook, so I searched for something new to whack in the slow cooker and found this recipe. You can't go wrong with chickpeas and chicken. I'll serve it with some yellow cauliflower! And broccoli.

Wednesday: I haven't been to burlesque for three weeks. I need to go - desperately. I'll make beef and macaroni pasta bake for dinner tonight.

Thursday: I have no winter clothes, my gal has no winter clothes - and we're off for a couple of days to the Blue Mountains in a few weeks. So we'll go shopping and grab something to eat while we're out.

Friday: Salmon on the bbq with steamed vegies tonight. I'm out for drinks with a friend who's up from Sydney for the weekend tonight. We'll hit The Terrace Bar like we used to in our youth.

Saturday: looooooooooong weekend! Hurrah! I'll cook something up with my gal. We'll hit the cookbooks to find something fab.

Sunday: roast beef, roasted veg, lots of red wine gravy.

And that's me. You?


  1. For tonight I've made a Belgian Beef Stew in the slow cooker. It's made with dark ale of course. Hopefully it will be melt in the mouth delicious. We had a weekend in the Blue Mountains last school holidays. It was such fun. Leura Garage did a lovely authentic pizza. Their wine list was pretty good too. The lovely little shops at Leura were also full of things-I-wanted-to-buy... We loved Jenolan Caves and Scenic World (revamped since my last visit - do you remember when it was totally retro and I think it had a revolving restaurant too?). In April it was freezing so rug up!

    1. Ooooh, thanks for the tip Travellou - we're staying in Leura so I'll add Leura Garage to the list. Scenic World sounds like the go too.

      PS: Belgian Beef Stew sounds amazing!

    2. Here's the link to my post about the Blue Mountains. Hope it is helpful. Have a lovely time!

  2. As usual your meal planning is fantastic.
    Our Monday in Perth is a holiday celebrating W.A. Day and it is a beautiful sunny winter's day so no complaints about the weather.

    1. Oh hurrah! I do love a sunny winter's day. The sun's finally broken through here too, so my washing may even dry.

      Enjoy your day x

  3. Your meals sound great. I haven't been able to eat chicken since we got our backyard chickens! I'll really have to try to get over it...xT

  4. ooo it's summer over here so we are enjoying everything to do with Swedish strawberries!

  5. As always you are making my mouth water. I have been putting Massaman in the slow cooker on a more than regular occasion lately, it's just to good on a cold night! I think I might whip up a delicious dessert on the weekend, it's been a while and we deserve it!


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