Monday, June 10, 2013

meal planning monday

Wowzers, how cool is a long weekend? Can we have one of these every weekend?

Here's what we're eating this week.

Monday: I have some chicken breasts that need eating, so I'll make schnitzel for dinner. With mash, corn cobs and green beans.

Tuesday: I bought duck sausages {DUCK SAUSAGES} from the farmers market. I'm going to serve them with pumpkin mash and roasted beetroot. And a green salad.

Wednesday: I also bought some lamb chops from the markets, so I'll make Nigella's Greek Lamb Chops for dinner. With salad.

Thursday: I have a netball committee meeting. Early dinner of chinese short soup made with chicken stock I made on Sunday night from leftover roast chicken. YUM!

Friday: I'm going to an art exhibition opening tonight, so we'll make homemade pizza on my return.

Saturday: my gal cooked dinner last saturday night from a cookbook - she can do it again!

Sunday: roast beef and lots of roasted vegies. Mmmmmm.


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  1. Duck sausages? Now, that is different. What were they like I wonder. As usual your menu for the week sounds delicious.


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