Sunday, June 30, 2013

sweet sunday

We're onto Day 9 of rain here. Le sigh. But apparently it's set to clear by Wednesday, which is when we're headed to the Blue Mountains for a couple of days. Hurrah!

I've got a big blog post brewing before I leave - sharing the details of last night's secret supper club. It was incredible! Just need to try to do it justice.

French Word of the Day: montagne (mon - tahn) Mountain.


  1. Looking forward to that one!! x

  2. Thanks lovely, just need to put it together! x

  3. We were meant to visit the Blue Mountains on our way to New Zealand back in 1981 but because of a strike of baggage handlers (I think it was) we were delayed in leaving Perth so straight through to New Zealand and no Blue Mountains!! Hope you enjoy your couple of days away.
    Don't make too much fuss about your rain. In Perth we have just had our driest June for 130 years (second driest on records) and we sorely need some precipitation and not a lot on the radar over the next week or more.
    Would that then be Montagnes Bleues?


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