Tuesday, June 11, 2013

sweetly scented memories

I'm a bit of a perfume freak. I don't really like leaving the house without a spritz. I've been going through a bit of a rose phase at the moment, and my old Stella McCartney Rose Absolute is almost at the end of its life.

So I think I'll buy this when I'm next in Paris. Why would I not?


  1. That is a truly beautiful bottle and the box too.
    I have to be careful with perfumes as some seem to cause allergies. I stick to 4711 eau de cologne for general use and on special occasions it's Chanel No 5 which for some reason I can tolerate OK.

  2. That looks quite beautiful. I too love perfumes, I have many. I always buy the miniature bottles duty free so have a range to choose from. I love Paloma Picasso, Tresor and Safari. Fendi and Lovely (SJP) for every day. But above all Chanel No. 5: my grandmother loved it, and so do I. I have one of her vintage bottles filled with her home-grown lavender. Parfait!


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