Friday, July 19, 2013

flowers for friday

Hello, sorry this post is late - it's been one of those days! How adorable are these roses? Don't you think I need a couple of bunches of these in my home? Don't you?

I've got a fabulously girlie night planned tonight. Catching up with friends for a Gallery opening at 6pm, then we're off to the movies to see Before Midnight then off to the new French wine bar Le Passe Temps. Bliss.

Have a fabulous Friday.


  1. Gorgeous colour - you definitely need some!
    I am off to dinner with my seventeen year old birthday girl and family and friends. Have a lovley night xx

  2. What a dazzling colour!! They'd brighten any room in the house.
    Hope you have a fabulous night and enjoy everything you've planned to be doing.
    Have a great weekend. xx


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