Wednesday, July 31, 2013


No matter where you go there's always something lovely to look at. Sometimes you just have to look straight ahead.

Sometimes you have to look down.

Or just look out the window at the carwash.

Down at the table in bookclub.

Down at your feet while you're waiting for a friend. Even ugly things like pebblecrete can look fabulous in a grid pattern.

And of course your eyes should always be drawn to a gorgeous pair of shoes combined with a fab frock and glorious flooring.

Ceilings, windows and chandeliers such as these deserve adoring gaze and a few pics.

Spotted at: Nobby's breakwall, Carlovers, Talulah Bar, across the road from my house, at Newcastle Art Gallery and Le Passe Temps.

French word of the day: Regardez (re - gar - day) look.


  1. Not enough folk take time to look and enjoy their surroundings. Thanks for sharing these fabulous pics. xx

    1. I do! I also take time to stop and smell the roses - it's essential x

  2. I hear you. I love looking about. Just gotta remember to look where I'm going too.

    1. Ah yes, I have been known to have a bit of a trip because I've been too busy gazing in wonder...

  3. It doesn't matter what you're standing on if the shoes are fabulous!!!

  4. Hi Gorgeous, just popping by to let you know that you and this article feature on my August Edition of The Beast Link Magazine - All That Is Beautiful. Hope you get some lovely visitors. I thought this post was just so sweet and truth. xx

  5. Opps forgot the link here it is:


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