Monday, July 15, 2013

meal planning monday

Hellooooooooooo! How was your weekend? Hectic? Fun? Relaxing? All of the above? Well school goes back tomorrow {hurrah} so we're back to normal routine in this neck of the woods. So here's what I'm hoping we'll be eating:

 Monday: ballet for my gal, netball training for me. We've had such a big weekend of eating I'm going to cook up grilled chicken breasts and salad tonight.

Tuesday: we had an early Bastille Day celebration with duck, champagne and lemon tart on Friday night with friends, and tonight, we're having a late Bastille Day celebration with friends {with duck, champagne and, um, lemon tart}.

Wednesday: poached chicken salad with baby spinach, orange segments and pecans. Hopefully I'll make it to burlesque tonight - I need the exercise!

Thursday: lamb backstrap fillets with roasted veg tonight.

Friday: I'm off to the movies with friends to see Before Midnight. Yay! Apparently we're also going to the new wine bar Le Passe Temps before or after {depending on film screening time} I'll prepare spaghetti bolognaise for the family.

Saturday: nothing planned so far, so it's a day in the garden for us. I'll make a slow cooked beef stew for dinner, served with lots of green veg and mash.

Sunday: garlic-roasted chicken tonight. With all of the veg!

French word of the day: oublier {oooh - blee - ay} forget - because I forgot the French word of the day yesterday! Pardon moi!

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  1. sounds divine! as per usual ha ha!

  2. More meals to enjoy. Fantastic and enjoy your night at the movies, not forgetting that new wine bar. : )


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