Monday, July 29, 2013

meal planning monday

Do you feel like you only read my meal planning post yesterday? Because I feel like I've only just written it! But here we are again, monday! Eep! So here's the plan:

Monday: so busy. My gal has ballet, I have netball training, and we're somehow meant to be at a school  information night for Year 9 electives {!!!} by 7pm. Hmmm, something's gotta give. I think my gal will be missing part of her ballet class - and we'll be eating dinner at 5pm! Green chicken curry and rice - speedy to make and eat. Oh, and I have to attend a meeting after the school meeting for another committee I've put my hand up for {must learn to sit on hands}.

Tuesday: netball training for my gal. We'll have a butterflied shoulder of lamb and roasted veg. I'll pop it in the oven before we leave, and it'll be ready when we get home. I'll just have to quickly steam some green stuff.

Wednesday: oh, I am not doing ANYTHING today. I *should* go to burlesque, but I'll go for a bike ride at lunchtime instead. We'll have chicken, proscuitto sausages tonight. With mash and veg.

Thursday: I need to make something new. I am BORED of everything I cook. Perhaps a lamb and green bean casserole from my Apples for Jam cookbook. With mash and steamed veg.

Friday: we're off to a Spanish Night at the Art Gallery - olé! My gal's staying with her friend while we're out - they can probably have pizza. We'll have nibblies there for dinner. Nibblies are a perfectly fine dinner are they not?

Saturday: we're off to my in-laws for a family pot luck dinner. I'll make coq au vin and a pot of mash.

Sunday: I'm collapsing in a heap after having such a run of busy weeks. For dinner takeaway shall be procured. By my husband, who shall then spoon it into my mouth as I lie prone on the couch.


French word of the day: oublieux (ooh - blee - oh) forgetful. Because I am forgetful and keep forgetting the French word of the day. Mon dieu!

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  1. Dang, now I'm totally hungry!

  2. It's the 3pm syndrome - ANYTHING makes me hungry around now x


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