Monday, July 08, 2013

meal planning monday

Well, here we are into week two of school holidays. Hurrah! We're home all week, but with the added bonus of netball training. So here's what we're eating;

Monday: I'm going to make spanish chicken tonight and ask my gal to pop it in the oven at 6pm so when I get home at 6.40 it'll just need a quick green salad and it'll be ready to serve.

Tuesday: My gal's netball team are training, but her coach is away so I'm stepping up. I'll make a meatloaf that my husband can pop in the oven at 6pm with some roasted vegies. Hopefully it'll be cooked when we get home after 6.40pm.

Wednesday: Burlesque for me, and my gal's last night before she get braces! Best make something she'll really get her teeth into. Ribs? With mash? And veg? Yes.

Thursday: It'll be either milkshakes for my gal or pasta. I'll make carbonara just in case she can eat it - and if not, more for me and hubby!

Friday: I think she'll be able to eat salmon, it's pretty soft. So salmon it is. With salad for those of us without braces.

Saturday: I'm off to a Twitter meet up (#NewyTwistmasInJuly) so I'll eat something before I go out, and have something to nibble at The Grand Hotel. Hubby and gal can fend for themselves.

Sunday: Roast chicken perhaps? With veg. And french lentils!


French word of the day: dent - (don-t) tooth!

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  1. As usual more cullinary delights. For us? Mainly lovely warm winter-type dishes as right now it is very cold in Perth.
    Hope your lass deals with her braces OK.


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