Sunday, July 28, 2013

newy's tweed ride

It was a beautiful day for it. Sunday morning was shrouded in fog, just perfect for dressing up in tartan and tweed for Newcastle's inaugural Tweed Ride. We met at Islington Park at 10am and it was just lovely watching peeps ride in on their vintage, eccentric, or just plain fabulous bikes.

So many peeps dressed up beautifully in tweed, some even flashed their original Harris Tweed labels. Spiffy. Many photographs were taken. 

Here are the fabulous scarlet legs of Vicki, the organiser. She looked positively dazzling, and should feel incredibly proud that the first ride went off so well. Her vintage Speedwell bike, her childhood bike, made me drool. It's a beauty.

Even the puppies dressed up! Look at Daisy in her tartan with proud parents Lynette and Roger.

Look at this beautiful saddle. Hand-tooled leather by the looks of things - and apparently it moulds itself beautifully to your bottom. I am in love.

There were plenty of kids on the ride too - bless 'em. Here's a few having a bit of fun before the ride.

The crowd kept gathering and gathering. I'd say we reached around 50 riders. Pretty darned good for a winter's day.

The route was just lovely, along the creek on a dedicated cycleway/walking track. Why haven't I ridden it before? Oh well, there's another thing to tick off my #52NewThings list. And I'll be doing it again.

Look at this little squishy, all plum-tuckered from the ride. Don't you love this fabulous resting platform for those chubby cheeks!

Look at the bikes! At the outfits! Marvellous. I do love nothing more than dressing up to a theme. I've never understood those who recoil in horror at the thought of fancy dress or a costume party - it's my favourite thing! That fabulous stripey suit won that gentleman the honour of Best Dressed Man.

How amazing is this fabulous box on the panier of this bike? Apparently it was part of a gift box of wine from ALDI! I'll be looking out for those this Christmas.

I loved, love, loved this outfit trimmed with fox fur - and the plus-fours on the gentleman.

Today was all about the details. And what fabulous details they were.

Oh, and guess who won Best Dressed Woman? Me! I felt sure I'd be disqualified for lack of tweed, but apparently my French look with red cape, black and white striped dress, seamed fishnets and red shoes was deemed quelle appropriate. Bless.

Bring on next year's Newy Tweed Ride - I'll be there with bike bells on!

Here's a shot that Lynette snapped of me arriving - tell you what - red capes are damned FINE cycling attire! Warm, highly visible and more than a tad awesome.


  1. Looks like a fabulous day and you look amazing! That cape it perfect for riding :)

  2. It was brilliant Cathy - and why thank you! Yes, a cape is a multi-purpose item of fabulous that every wardrobe needs!

  3. I had to get a Brooks saddle after reading of them on Vicky's blog. Mine is honey leather. It's not fully broken in yet but already so comfortable. And I do love that bike track it's my main route into town :)

    1. I actually love my current saddle, but am thinking of upgrading to this one when my current one expires.

  4. What a fantastic event and congratulations to you for taking off the Best Dressed Woman Award. You certainly look really snazzy in that red cape and all the rest of your outfit. Well done. xx

    1. Thanks Mimsie, I was very chuffed. Such a great day - it's still making me smile x

  5. Thank you Linda, for coming and helping to promote the ride! It was a great day, more successful than I thought it would be. Your photos are wonderful. I love the pic of the dog, he looked so cute. We will have another one next year definitely. Peter has a great write up of it too: a new recyclist, and also Michael: showbag tumblr. Sikamicanico, so glad you like the saddle I hope to see you next year. Vicki

  6. A most enjoyable day, PPMJ, & here's to next year !

  7. You looked fantastic and I do love the Tweed men suits. Oh and Roger's doggie.


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