Thursday, July 25, 2013

sarah blasko - i heart her so

Last  night my friend C, my daughter and myself took our seats IN THE FRONT ROW for Sarah Blasko at Newcastle Town Hall. Now this was my sixth Sarah Blasko live experience, and I wondered if I might've been stretching the friendship.

Oh no.

She was magnificent. That voice in the town hall? Magnifique.

Sarah was at her theatrical and ethereal best - delighting everyone who was blessed to be in the audience. She played an amazing set with her fabulous four-piece band and ended with my favourite finale from her Opera House concert. Shivers.

Live music. Is there anything better?

French word of the day: Musique {mew - zeek} - music.


  1. Parfait, her voice has been in my head all day :)

  2. Mine too - and I keep playing that footage of Not Yet from the Opera House. Stunning. Check it out - the same band and they're going off. Love.

  3. I don't know of this lady but am pleased you had such a fabulous night. x


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