Tuesday, July 02, 2013

secret supper club

You know it's a sign of a very good night when there are very few pics on your phone - just a lot of fabulous memories in your head. Last Saturday night was our third Underground Epicureans adventure, and, once again, the White Rabbit EXCELLED herself.

My inner Nancy Drew was working overtime when we received the email on Saturday morning asking us to meet at Broadmeadow train station for a strict 6.45pm departure. A steam train? I thought? A-ha, perhaps Newcastle's Famous Tram. Yep, in this I was correct. We joined around 20 or so excited peeps for the first trek to our venue, and, I was stumped when we turned left instead of right into the city.

New Lambton? Jesmond? Wallsend? Where were we going? As we turned up the freeway past the uni, I started to get an inkling. When we hit Birmingham Gardens and drove past The Regal Cinema with lights ablaze, I nearly cheered. Then we kept driving.


But it was only to kill time, and we pulled up in front of the Regal to everyone's great delight. I have fond memories of checking out films in my uni years at the Regal. It's an iconic venue. But it was closed down in October 2006 to howls of community dismay. However, it a true display of community spirit it's been magnificently restored and is almost ready to re-open.

Our supper club was the sneaky peek.

Apparently they were tossing up between gold and rich red for the upholstery. Good choice.

While the front of the cinema was set up with theatre chairs, three long tables lined the back of the room. Deliciously appointed with fabulous floral and feather arrangements.

Pretty non?

Our appetisers, served with sparkling pink wine, were these gorgeous little hot dogs with caramelised onion. They were served by the waitresses in the old-style concession boxes (like the cigarette boxes in the olden days!) I tried for a pic, but failed. These hotdogs were too delicious and too many people surrounded them for a clear pic. Those buns were sourdough brioche, quite possibly the lightest, tastiest bun I've ever had the pleasure to bite into.

Here's the rest of the menu, you'll just have to imagine the food - it was too good so I just ate it. We settled down in the cinema seats, watched two sweet short films and sipped on corn chowder topped with popcorn!

These guys were behind the food, and oh my, did they do a fabulous job. Harry Callinan created the first three dishes superbly. The main dish of crispy pork belly was divine, with supporting acts of roasted beetroot, jerusalem artichokes and goat cheese croquettes. Sublime!

And the dessert? Oh, it was spectacular.

Taking inspiration from The Candy Bar Dean Gibson created a Gobsmacking, Scrumdiddlyumcious chocolate bar. See that macaron? It tasted more like popcorn than any popcorn I've ever tried! The red carpet was inspired by jubes, and there's honeycomb, maltesers, popping candy and more.

Pretty sure that my husband died and went to heaven with every mouthful. Me too actually - I can still taste it all.

What a night. The setting, the intrigue, THE FOOD - oh my.

Thank you White Rabbit. Hats off to you. See you next time!

French word of the day: plume (ploom) feather.


  1. Oh boy, do you have some exciting adventures and this one must be at the top of the list, with wonderful goodies and what a fabulous tram.

    1. Very much top of the list Mimsie - and yes, the tram topped off a fabulous evening x

  2. Oh I am green with envy! That looks so amazing. I am thrilled things are coming along nicely with the renovations, it was a theatre I frequented and was very upset when it was closed. I can't wait for opening night.

  3. So sad we missed this one. Sounds like a spectacular evening!

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