Tuesday, August 06, 2013

blue by you

Have you noticed how crazy-blue the sky's been lately? Friday morning was cold and crisp when I cycled into the city for the Renew Newcastle Creative Talks. I got to listen to the inspiring and awesome illustrator Liz Anelli as she waxed lyrical about her life and work.

Brilliant and uplifting.

I also got to check out this sky, against these fabulous buildings. What's not to love?

Today it's hotter, and very, very windy, and the sky's also a much paler shade of blue. It's so hot and windy that not only did I decide it's a sheet and doona washing day - it's a washing the couch covers day. Yep, I'll be regretting that when it comes to putting them back on tonight. I think I'll designate it husband's job...

French word of the day: laver {lav - air} wash.


  1. Great photo - love that building! Imagine the views!

  2. That is a magnificent building and a truly beautiful blue sky. We had skies like that the other day but now, fortunately, we are enjoying rain again over here in the west. Thanks for sharing.


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