Friday, August 02, 2013

flowers for friday

Mmmmm, musky pink roses. Can't you just smell their sweetness through the screen? I needed some pretty fabulous flowers for today - as it's going to be a fabulous day. This morning I'm off to a Creative Talk by illustrator Liz Arnelli for breakfast. Nothing like a bit of inspiration with a croissant! Then it's a full day of work before heading off to the Art Gallery for a Cabaret Art inspired by Dali. It's a Spanish theme, so I'll need to be frocking up Spanish style.


Then it's off to Le Passe Temps for a drink afterwards. Parfait non?

French word of the day: espagnol (ess - payn - yol) Spanish!


  1. What beautiful roses and a delightful colour. You as usual are being a very busy girl so off you go and enjoy all of it. Definitely tres parfait.


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