Friday, August 16, 2013

friday, ahhhh, friday

Well hello, sorry I'm late but it's been one of those days. I'm exhausted by all the negativity that's out there in the world/this country in particular. You know how normally you can brush things off and accentuate the positive? Today I can't. So I'm just going to be sad for a little bit, go for a bike ride, and then enjoy my weekend.

Politics? I'm ignoring you for the rest of the day. You've gone beyond and below what I'll accept in your search for the lowest-common-denominator. I won't have people being demonised. I won't accept this egocentricity. I'll ignore it for now - but I'll come out fighting again soon.

Focussing on my little pink bubble I have much to look forward to. I'm going out with my lovely friends tonight to the movies and then to my fave French Bar. Tomorrow it's my 10-year-old's Major Semi Final (go Souths Venus!) and then I'm off to Sydney to help my friends get their house ready for their new baby girl!

Happy Friday everyone. Don't worry, this blog will be back to pretty and bubbly before you know it. Either that, or I'll be moving to Paris ;)

French word of the day: triste (trist) sad.

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  1. Paris would be nice - but ignoring politics is cheaper. For now. Have a good weekend!

  2. If only Julia hadn't mentioned the polling date soooooo long ago. We've been listening to campaigning of one kind or another for just soooooo long. The PM said 'no negativity' and proceeds to produce a negative TV ad. You can't trust any of them. I enjoyed Mr Abbott's remark about sex appeal but then I'm old enough not to take offence at that type of aside. All just a bit of fun and are we so politically correct these days that we can't take this as a joke?
    Enjoy your evening out and good luck to Souths Venus and enjoy setting up the friend's house for the new baby girl. How wonderful to be involved. xx


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