Wednesday, August 14, 2013

my birthday weekend

Hello! Here's a wee glimpse at my birthday haul. Very French non? Two frocks, my vintage cape, lippy and books  - French books!

I also went to a cheese-making class with my friend A. I consider this part of my birthday weekend. We learned how to make haloumi and feta. It's crazy simple.

I bought myself a bunch of birthday flowers from Scout on Darby Street. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday they have a pop up stall from Little Wren flowers, with divine posies like these. Isn't it stunning? Am in love. Oh, and look down there on the bottom left, me and hubby 20 years ago. Bless.

I took hubby to Le Passe Temps on my birthday afternoon. We shared a charcuterie plate, I had a cocktail (a French 75 with added grenadine!) and hubby understood why I love the place so.

On Saturday night we went to Restaurant Mason for my pre-birthday dinner. Oh my. It was sublime. They sure do know how to do food there. And look at my dessert! Cute!

Afterwards we went and had a look at some of the installations on the buildings on Watt Street for City Evolutions. This one is my favourite. It tells the story of a pub in Newcastle that had circus workers behind the bar. HOW FABULOUS! I love watching all the images (except when the clowns come on, then I close my eyes till they go away. Shudder. Clowns.)

Could I have had a more perfect weekend? I think not!

French word of the day: dire (deer) sing!

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  1. Fabulous! What a wonderful extended birthday you had with so many gorgeous things happening and lovely pressies too.
    Funny you should mention clowns. I have a thing about them....not my favourites at all nor are ventriloquist's dummies for some reason.
    Thanks for sharing all your good times with us. xx


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