Thursday, August 22, 2013

spring fling

This is a sight that brings me delight. Jasmine! The scent of Spring. I found this while out riding the other day, and a sneaky sprig *may* have fallen into my basket. If so, it *may* be sitting in my little green vase on my desk, making my study smell utterly delicious.

The temps are warming up, making it much easier for me to go for a ride every second day - when it's not crazy-windy! But the weather is a wee bit up and down: nights and early mornings have been wintery-as - while the middle of the day is glorious. This did make me happy as I had an excuse to wear my cape when I went out last night for a drink with friends.

Enjoy the sunshine :)

French word of the day: vill├ęgiature (vee lay zhu tur) vacation, holiday


  1. Just lovely. I am loving all the flowers coming out now, Spring is delightfully early this year! Vicki

  2. That is so beautiful. My daughter (Karen) posted the other day that the jasmine in their back garden is coming into bloom.

  3. I love Jasmine, my allergies not so much :(

  4. All of a sudden it's cold again, I just can't wait for spring to set in.


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