Friday, September 06, 2013

fabulous friday

Well hello, and sorry, once again, for my tardiness. Life's so BUSY you know. I've got a lot of work on, so much so that I'm doing 'double-shifts' - day, and then five-six hours at night. Eep!

But I am still making time to get out and about. I finally went to the fabulous bookshop/café pictured above (The Press) earlier this week. And tonight I'm going to the opening of a great exhibition Now and Then at Newcastle Library, then I'm off to French Friday for a film. Yay!

And tomorrow we vote...

I strongly believe that a government affects the morals and mores of a society. It seems as though much of our country is in What About Me! mode. And I don't like that. I like to think that we need to think about others, to care for others, to look to the future.

While I'm a big fan of vintage and retro I don't believe in retrogressive politics.

So I'll be voting FOR things, not against them. I'm voting for a National Broadband Network to future-proof our country. I'm voting for Better Schools for Australia. I'm voting for the NDIS. I'm voting for maintaining or increasing our Foreign Aid as I believe it's our duty as a society to help others who are disadvantaged. I'm voting for Marriage Equality as every single person has the right to declare their love in whichever way they choose.

In the House of Reps I'm voting for my local member who's hard-working, community-minded and who I know will fight for Newcastle, not just pay lip-service and toe the party line. In the Senate? I'll be voting for a party who'll fight and won't just allow the most dangerous and retrogressive policies to go through.

There's a really good comparison of the three major parties and their policies here. They're brief. Just choose the policy that most interests you and see how you'll be affected. And then go here if you'd like to vote BelowTheLine to put the worst parties last.

And then, tomorrow night I'll be watching the election news with trepidation and hope that Australians still want a kinder future.

French word of the day: espérer (ess - pe - rare) hope.

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