Friday, September 20, 2013

flowers for friday

This bunch of lilac roses lasted me nearly a week - not bad for $10. They were a bit sad when I bought them, but cutting the stems and placing them in a vintage cut glass vase seemed to cheer them up immeasurably. Hurrah for pretty flowers.

I have a busy weekend ahead. We're visiting my in-laws tonight, so I'm taking dinner up for all of us (chicken provencale and a range of steamed vegies and a salad) and another two meals for them to make later (salmon patties, salad, steamed baby potatoes and quiche and salad). My father-in-law is still doing all the work around the house while my m-i-l recovers from her op, so it'll be nice to bring up some meals to give him a break.

Have a fabulous weekend.

French word of the day: mot (mot) word - hence the phrase bon mot which means good word!

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