Monday, September 16, 2013

meal planning monday

Oh hai, I'm back. Ish. Still busy, still exhaustipated, but hey, meals still have to be planned don't they? If anything, a busy week means MORE planning. So here's what we're eating this week:

Monday: it's grey, drizzly and even a little bit chilly. Luckily I have a shoulder of lamb to slowly roast on a bed of French lentils. I'll serve it with roasted carrots, beetroot and broccoli.

Tuesday: burlesque fitness for me tonight. Hopefully it'll fix my dodgy back from seven hours straight standing at the netball presentations on Sunday. I'll make spaghetti bolognaise tonight.

Wednesday: grilled, marinated chicken breast with a lentil and marinated feta salad - with lots of leaves.

Thursday: baked fish with some grilled veg - zucchini, capscium, cherry tomatoes - tossed with garlic and herbs.

Friday: chicken and avocado quesadillas. With fresh corn salsa on the side.

Saturday: I think we're going to my in-laws. I'll make a dish to take along. Salmon patties, oven roasted potatoes (regular and sweet) and a big salad.

Sunday: garlic roasted chicken for dinner tonight - with salad and roasted veg.

French word of the day: cuisse {qweesse} thigh

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