Monday, October 28, 2013

meal planning monday

I did a very, very foolish thing yesterday. Rather than deleting a whole bunch of spam comments I deleted real comments. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! So sad.

Also, so silly. If you'd left a comment on my last post, to win tix to Glamarama at Newcastle Art Gallery please comment again. I feel so lonely with no comments :(

Now, onto planning.

Monday: tonight hubby and I are off to Sydney to see The Breeders in concert. So excited. It's the 20th anniversary of the release of Last Splash and they're playing the album in it's entirety. I know, I feel old. We're having dinner at our friends' house - while our child is off to spend the night with one of her best buds. Good times.

Tuesday: bbq chicken kebabs, rice salad and green salad tonight.

Wednesday: mince and macaroni bake.

Thursday: Salmon on the bbq - this was a big hit with everyone last week, so I'll be making this a regular. With lots of salads.

Friday: I'm off to the last French Friday movie of the year. I'll just have something to nibble on when we get there. Husband and child can have mexican.

Saturday: I'm going to the opening of Whiteley on Water exhibition at Newcastle Art Gallery this afternoon. Wendy Whiteley is speaking and I think I'll be floating on air. When I come home I'll bring myself back to earth by cooking up a bbq. With salad.

Sunday: slow-roasted pork is something I need. With salads.


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