Thursday, November 28, 2013

colour my world

Last weekend saw Newcastle host the Hit the Bricks Street Art Festival which has brought colour and joy to Newcastle streets. Local and national street artists converged on the city and have brought long-term joy and colour. I'm delighted to see the streets come to life, there's far too much emphasis on beige in this city for my liking. I love to see art spreading from the galleries and museums into the streets - and I'm glad that so many business owners embraced it by offering up their walls as canvases.

On Sunday my gal and I went on a walking tour, organised by Renew Newcastle, where we checked out some of the amazing pieces on display.
Artists such as Askew, Adnate, Shida, Numbskull, Fintan Magee, Sofles, Grizzle, Mike Watt, Umpell, Shuda, Bafcat, Beastman, Phibs, Jumbo and Mike Maka were joined by many others and boy, have they created something fabulous.

It rained pretty heavily on the first two days, but the artists carried on. In fact, some incorporated the running paint into their work, to great effect. Isn't this whale a beauty!

This was my gal's fave - and one of mine too. Isn't she just glorious?

We got to see artists in action, and some of them even stopped to have a chat with the 25+ strong group on the walking tour to tell us about their art, their inspiration and the festival.

While some artists used ladders, others required more serious equipment to complete their pieces. I love the colours and the scale in this piece. It makes a boring old car park POP!

After the walking tour I went home and grabbed my bike so I could pootle out and check out the rest. On my travels I saw an historical piece of street art! It's nice to see that things work in swings and roundabouts. Everything old is new again.

This piece is utterly breathtaking. I've rarely seen a more powerful portrait. Seriously, this is the kind of work you'd expect to see win the Archibald Prize - the eyes tell so many stories. This glorious boy gazes up the Hunter River and overseas the area with majesty.

What a gift to the city.

For more info, go to the LookHear website. And next time you're out, see if you can find these pieces. There are also plenty of secret sites, such as laneways, that were off the map. Searching the hashtag #HitTheBricks or #HTBfestival will find more images on Instagram.

Thanks for sharing your work with us guys, we really appreciate it.

Monday, November 25, 2013

meal planning monday

Oh hey, how's things? Did you have a lovely weekend? Oh I did. Too lovely. Too fabulous.

And this week? More loveliness. Hurrah!

Monday: it's my gal's theatre rehearsal tonight 5 to 8:55pm. I'll feed her beforehand, and pack plenty of healthy snacks to share with her friends. Hubby and I will just have simple steaks grilled on the bbq with salad.

Tuesday: I haven't made chicken schnitzel in 900 years. Guess I should. And I should probably serve it with a green salad and perhaps a potato salad too.

Wednesday: I'm off to dinner with my bookclub friends to Tallulah at The Junction. Hello pork belly. I'll leave the fixings for mexican in the fridge for hubby and child.

Thursday: netball committee meeting. Early dinner tonight. Perhaps marinated, bbq chicken breasts and lots of salad.

Friday: it's the official opening of Christmas in the City - with lights and entertainment - hurrah! We'll go and check it out, and have something to eat at a local restaurant while we're there.

Saturday: oh, nothing planned tonight. Yay! Easy dinner at home. Garlic prawns and chorizo on the bbq perhaps?

Sunday: whoops, I forgot, hubby and I are going along with our friends to the Art Gallery Society's Christmas Dinner. A meal amidst Whiteley On Water exhibition? Don't mind if I do...

That's it. That's my week. Tell me about yours.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

meal planning monday {on a tuesday}

Oh, I am sorry this is late - but I do have an excuse! My internet was only restored last night - after 10 days of NO INTERNET! Eeep!

This week's busy, again, so I'm frantically planning easy meals. Here's what we're having.

Tuesday: tonight's the photo and dress rehearsal for my gal's ballet concert. I'll be at the studio from 5.55 till 8pm. I'll be giving my gal a light snack beforehand, taking some crackers for her to munch on between costume changes, and making spaghetti bolognaise for a late supper.

Wednesday: I'm going with my friend C to the pre-season opening at the Civic Theatre. It starts at 5.30, so I'll leave behind the fixings for homemade pizzas.

Thursday: Nothing on tonight (woo hoo!) I'll make chicken burgers for dinner I think.

Friday: I'm taking my mother-in-law and father-in-law to the Civic Theatre to see the winner of The Voice, Harrison Craig in concert. I'll make shepherd's pie for dinner beforehand, with lots of veg.

Saturday: Another concert! This time with my friend C to see Leonard Cohen!!!!!!! It's my first Leonard Cohen concert and I'm VERY excited. C is bringing her delicious zucchini slice, so I'll take along some cheese and crackers. Hurrah!

Sunday: slow roasted pork shoulder on the bbq, with apple slaw and a baby spinach, pear and blue cheese salad will do. Don't you think?

Phew. What a week!

Friday, November 15, 2013

fabulous friday

Two things are making me happy today. The first is that my gardenia is covered with flowers and the heady scent creeps under the door and into my bedroom at night. Not to mention how intoxicating it is every time you walk up or down the front stairs {let's ignore the fact that it obviously needs MORE cow manure - it's a greedy feeder, but I'd prefer lots of flowers to green leaves anyway}.

The next thing making me happy are THESE! New red shoes! As you may remember, I fell in love with what I am calling my "Paris shoes". A red pair of wedges from Django & Juliette. I was actually seriously thinking of buying another pair exactly the same, when a friend sent me a link to eBay with some Django & Juliette shoes! I didn't buy the ones she sent {as fab as they were} because I saw THESE! 1/3 of the price of my others and so comfy I could cry. That leather is the softest thing you ever will feel - and the colour!

I think they'll be getting an outing at some stage this weekend.

I have another busy weekend. Tonight I'm off to the official opening of Eddie's Supper Club - the 20s-style New York Jazz Club I went to last weekend. I'm off with my friend J who just happens to be free - so we'll be frocking up for a bit of fun.

Tomorrow afternoon is the last Book Club for the year. I LOVED the book we read The Rosie Project, it was the perfect book to end the year on.

Tomorrow night I'm off to see Empire at the Spiegelteint - from all reports it redefines fabulous. My red lace frock may well require another outing for this night!

Sunday I have a baby shower to attend, a rally for Climate Change, and possibly going to see La Dolce Vita at the Italian Film Festival.

I love weekends.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

pretty good

Two things are currently making me happy. My husband FINALLY hung my antique map of Paris in our living room. Ahhhhh isn't it glorious?

Sitting just below it are these glorious coral peonies. They're HUGE! There were only three in the bunch, and already in full-bloom when I bought them on Friday - but they are bringing me such joy. They've now faded to a pale, antique-peach - but oh my, they make me wish I could paint.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Monday, November 11, 2013

meal planning monday

Good morning! Apparently we're in for a week's worth of heavy rain {hurrah!} so no bbq on this week's meal plan. My gal's chosen the first two meals for the week - sadly I have to choose the rest. Let's see how I go.

Monday: chicken pot pie, mashed pumpkin, peas and corn.

Tuesday: spaghetti and meatballs.

Wednesday: roast beef with lots of roast vegies.

Thursday: grilled fish, steamed veg and lemon-roasted potatoes.

Friday: it's the opening of the Italian Film Festival, so I'm off to see something fab. I'll make a lovely Italian dish to eat before leaving, hmmmmm, perhaps I'll check out Nigelissima for inspiration.

Saturday: I'm going to Spiegelteint tonight - but not until the 9.30pm session. Lamb fillets, crusted with dukkah and served on a roasted chickpea salad will do.

Sunday: chicken with 40 cloves of garlic {if I can find Australian garlic at the markets!} with greens and mashed potato.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

too much fun!

Last night my hubby and I went with some friends to Glamarama at Newcastle Art Gallery and it was a hoot! Everyone was all frocked up, there was a DJ spinning awesome tunes, and Bob Downe was as hysterically fabulous as always. There was also a vintage photobooth where we got these cute shots to remember the night {everyone looks better in black and white don't you think?}

I got very crafty and framed it using the invitation from opening night as the background matt. Cute non?

Here's a few shots from the night - Newcastle Art Gallery sure knows how to throw a party!

The Prince of Polyester serenaded us. Bless.

There was fair-dinkum dancing around the handbags while drinking tequila sunrises - these gals know how to commit to a look bless them.

If there's ever anyone who knows how to 'strike a pose' it's Bob Downe. 

Oh no, is that Bob with a *gasp* woman? A very foxy woman in fact… Jane sure does know how to party - and I think she loves the Gallery as much as I do. 

There was always a line-up for the vintage photobooth - such an awesome way to record an awesome night. What a blast!

Can we do it again?

Friday, November 08, 2013

putttin' on the ritz

You do know that I love an excuse to dress up don't you? So tonight I'm dead-excited to dress up for Eddie's Supper Club - a New York Style Jazz Club that's opening Friday nights at Agosti on Darby Street. With a DJ spinning tunes from the 20s, 30s and 40s this is bound to be fun with a capital F! Can't wait to see some of the moves busted out on the dancefloor.

Tonight's the opening night, so my friend A and I are going along for a sneaky peek. I'm wearing a black frock with a swirly skirt, my new seamed fishnets, my red patent mary janes - and this lil capelet thingy above. I bought it for my 40th and haven't worn it since - but I think it'll just top off my outfit.

Tomorrow night's another chance to frock up for Glamarama at Newcastle Art Gallery. I don't know what I'm more excited about; the chance to dress up, catching up with friends, giggling at Bob Downe, seeing the Darnell Collection for the final time {sob!} or being served cocktails and canap├ęs by babes on roller skates.


Hello weekend, I think I love you.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

and the winner is...

It was a tough choice, but I loved Ali Jane's tale of her mother's 70s Green polyester pantsuit - can't wait to see you in it this Saturday night at Glamarama! Congrats Ali Jane. Either email me {} or send me a message via my facebook page to organise your prize.

Josanne, I have a very special consolation prize for you {no, it's not the Halston in the shot above…} contact me to find out more!

Thanks for entering - and see you at Glamarama this Saturday night!

Monday, November 04, 2013

meal planning monday

Well hey, it's November - can you believe it's November? NOVEMBER! GAH! My daughter has her yearly exams this week, so it's brain-food central in this neck of the woods.

Monday: ballet lessons, then straight home for dinner and study. Spaghetti Bolognaise tonight.

Tuesday: salmon on the bbq, udon noodle salad with lots of vegies.

Wednesday: corn cakes with crispy bacon and salad. Sure, it's kinda a breakfast food, but still, delish.

Thursday: my gal's obsessed with flattened, grilled chicken breasts - it's her fave dish at the moment. I slice them thinly on the diagonal when I serve them, and they're ever-so-tender. I'll serve these with a warm french lentil salad and some greens.

Friday: garlic prawns, rice and green salad.

Saturday: hubby and I are off to Glamarama at Newcastle Art Gallery - have you entered to win tix yet? There'll be cocktails and canapes served by Roller Derby Gals on roller skates (the food's REALLY good at the Gallery - Sprout does the catering). Scroll down below and enter. Go on! My gal can have takeaway pizza as a treat.

Sunday: steak on the bbq with salad. To wind down.

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Friday, November 01, 2013

flowers for a fabulous friday

When I was at my friends' house the other week for a party to welcome their baby girl, I took this shot of this vase with these glorious dahlia's. I had vase and flower envy. I told my friend how much I loved it and she said, 'Oh, you bought it for me". Apparently I'm unaware of my own awesome taste in presents. I need to find another one now, for me.

Now, it's Friday - hurrah! Busy, long week - with lots of awesome things planned. I'm off to Rustica for a Fashion Friday lunch which has me a little bit excited. Good food, glorious location and fab frocks - what's not to love?

Tonight I'm off to the final French Friday film with my friend C - bring that on.

Tomorrow it's the opening of Whiteley On Water, a new exhibition at Newcastle Art Gallery to celebrate the glorious sculpture that Wendy Whiteley has gifted to our Gallery. Black Totem II is in the forecourt of the Gallery and is undoubtedly the most spectacular thing I've ever seen. Now, I've been in Rodin's Garden, I've been to the Vatican in Rome. I've wandered the Louvre - but this sculpture… it's so evocative, it's so beautiful, it inspires so many emotions. I love it, and can't wait to see all the other Whiteley works on display.

On Sunday Wendy Whiteley will be in conversation with Gallery Director Ron Ramsay, the man who spent a year negotiating for Black Totem II to make its home in Newcastle. I cannot thank him enough. What vision, what persuasive power. What a gift to Newcastle.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies x