Friday, November 15, 2013

fabulous friday

Two things are making me happy today. The first is that my gardenia is covered with flowers and the heady scent creeps under the door and into my bedroom at night. Not to mention how intoxicating it is every time you walk up or down the front stairs {let's ignore the fact that it obviously needs MORE cow manure - it's a greedy feeder, but I'd prefer lots of flowers to green leaves anyway}.

The next thing making me happy are THESE! New red shoes! As you may remember, I fell in love with what I am calling my "Paris shoes". A red pair of wedges from Django & Juliette. I was actually seriously thinking of buying another pair exactly the same, when a friend sent me a link to eBay with some Django & Juliette shoes! I didn't buy the ones she sent {as fab as they were} because I saw THESE! 1/3 of the price of my others and so comfy I could cry. That leather is the softest thing you ever will feel - and the colour!

I think they'll be getting an outing at some stage this weekend.

I have another busy weekend. Tonight I'm off to the official opening of Eddie's Supper Club - the 20s-style New York Jazz Club I went to last weekend. I'm off with my friend J who just happens to be free - so we'll be frocking up for a bit of fun.

Tomorrow afternoon is the last Book Club for the year. I LOVED the book we read The Rosie Project, it was the perfect book to end the year on.

Tomorrow night I'm off to see Empire at the Spiegelteint - from all reports it redefines fabulous. My red lace frock may well require another outing for this night!

Sunday I have a baby shower to attend, a rally for Climate Change, and possibly going to see La Dolce Vita at the Italian Film Festival.

I love weekends.


  1. Oh my I feel exhausted reading about your weekend. Enjoy. xT

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, I may see you at the climate change thing, I think it will be hugely crowded! Maybe chook manure for the gardenias, mine are flowering like mad now too.

    1. Thanks Vicki - the gardenia is dripping with flowers, am going to dose it with manure on the weekend.

  3. The gardenia is beautiful and I am so envious as the two I planted just didn't like it in our garden. Too much limestone perhaps and yet the huge camellia flourishes right next to where they were.
    Those shoes!! I don't think I could ever have worn anything like that but then I always had bad ankles!! I did however, wear high heels when I was young. I must admit your new ones are fantastic and I am sure you will find a reason to wear them this weekend which, as usual, sees you off and about.
    Enjoy it all as I am sure you will. x

    1. Thanks Mimsie, I've yet to wear the new shoes - but I have plans for this weekend that will see them make their debut! x


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