Friday, November 01, 2013

flowers for a fabulous friday

When I was at my friends' house the other week for a party to welcome their baby girl, I took this shot of this vase with these glorious dahlia's. I had vase and flower envy. I told my friend how much I loved it and she said, 'Oh, you bought it for me". Apparently I'm unaware of my own awesome taste in presents. I need to find another one now, for me.

Now, it's Friday - hurrah! Busy, long week - with lots of awesome things planned. I'm off to Rustica for a Fashion Friday lunch which has me a little bit excited. Good food, glorious location and fab frocks - what's not to love?

Tonight I'm off to the final French Friday film with my friend C - bring that on.

Tomorrow it's the opening of Whiteley On Water, a new exhibition at Newcastle Art Gallery to celebrate the glorious sculpture that Wendy Whiteley has gifted to our Gallery. Black Totem II is in the forecourt of the Gallery and is undoubtedly the most spectacular thing I've ever seen. Now, I've been in Rodin's Garden, I've been to the Vatican in Rome. I've wandered the Louvre - but this sculpture… it's so evocative, it's so beautiful, it inspires so many emotions. I love it, and can't wait to see all the other Whiteley works on display.

On Sunday Wendy Whiteley will be in conversation with Gallery Director Ron Ramsay, the man who spent a year negotiating for Black Totem II to make its home in Newcastle. I cannot thank him enough. What vision, what persuasive power. What a gift to Newcastle.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies x


  1. Oh, that vase is a sheer delight and those dahlias such a good match for it too. I hope you can find one for yourself and, if so, are they easy to find in the shops?
    You, as usual, have so much planned so enjoy all of it and your weekend too. xx

  2. Isn't it just Mimsie? It was an antique store find - which just gives me an excuse to go antique hunting! x

  3. I wish you luck lovely lady. You deserve to find one just for you. xx

    1. Thanks Mimsie. Would you believe, that in the window of my FAVOURITE store (Blackbird Corner) they have wee pink swan vases that look like the sister version of these. I think I must buy!


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