Monday, November 25, 2013

meal planning monday

Oh hey, how's things? Did you have a lovely weekend? Oh I did. Too lovely. Too fabulous.

And this week? More loveliness. Hurrah!

Monday: it's my gal's theatre rehearsal tonight 5 to 8:55pm. I'll feed her beforehand, and pack plenty of healthy snacks to share with her friends. Hubby and I will just have simple steaks grilled on the bbq with salad.

Tuesday: I haven't made chicken schnitzel in 900 years. Guess I should. And I should probably serve it with a green salad and perhaps a potato salad too.

Wednesday: I'm off to dinner with my bookclub friends to Tallulah at The Junction. Hello pork belly. I'll leave the fixings for mexican in the fridge for hubby and child.

Thursday: netball committee meeting. Early dinner tonight. Perhaps marinated, bbq chicken breasts and lots of salad.

Friday: it's the official opening of Christmas in the City - with lights and entertainment - hurrah! We'll go and check it out, and have something to eat at a local restaurant while we're there.

Saturday: oh, nothing planned tonight. Yay! Easy dinner at home. Garlic prawns and chorizo on the bbq perhaps?

Sunday: whoops, I forgot, hubby and I are going along with our friends to the Art Gallery Society's Christmas Dinner. A meal amidst Whiteley On Water exhibition? Don't mind if I do...

That's it. That's my week. Tell me about yours.

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  1. BBQ jealousy!! I think if this nice weather hangs around, I'll have to get our out and clean it and get cooking on it next week!!
    Snap on the schnitzel front tomorrow night ;)
    Have a good week!!

  2. Yum, yum and yum! I made the lamb shanks we discussed on Twitter tonight. Tomorrow night bacon & mushroom risotto. Wednesday night fish curry. Thursday night we'll be in Germany!! So a week of pork knuckle, spietzel, sausage, sauerkraut and strudel! Bring it on!!

    1. Oh how fabulous GERMANY! So how were the lamb shanks?


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