Sunday, December 29, 2013

a year in review {a very brief one}

Last year I decided that I'd ditch the New Year's Resolutions and, instead, came up with 52 New Things thanks to a friend on Twitter who did the same. Now, while I certainly didn't achieve every one of those 52 things, I came pretty close, and I think 2013 was more awesome for it.

Amongst the best things:

  • starting a book club {my friend C organises it and loads of friends, new and old, from Twitter are in it - it's been brilliant}
  • catching up with friends more often
  • seeing more live music
  • be a tourist in my town
  • put away the washing when I bring it in {well, most of the time}
  • do a cooking class with a friend {so much fun I am still giggling!}
  • go on more dates with my husband!
  • organise another tweet up {we had TWO}
  • save up for an overseas holiday - tick! Yep, we've booked five weeks next year OS. We're going to spend time in England with the relos, then a week in Paris with friends, then a week down south in The Lot - near this gorgeous town above. Then back to London again. So excited!
I love having a plan, but the best thing about 52 new things was that it made me even more open to trying new things, and experiencing something different. I was more likely to say 'yes'. I saw lots of movies with my friend C that I probably wouldn't have chosen to see, and LOVED them. I made time to see as much of Newcastle Writers Festival and This Is Not Art festivals when they were on, even though, at the time, it was exhausting and a whole weekend away from my family. But I still have a buzz from them, and so many great memories with my fabulous friends.

Stay tuned for 2014's list of 52 New Things. Some from last year will be on there - but there'll be some new ones too.


  1. Oh what a great year of things you have done, and I am so pleased to be a part of some! I too am working on my year round up and new list for next year. I look forward to reading your list...once I have completed mine. And, of course, you have that wonderful trip to look forward to next year!

  2. You certainly did very well with your 2013 list of 'things to do" so good luck with 2014.


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