Sunday, December 29, 2013

52 new things

Okay. Here's the list for 2014 - 52 New Things! Ta da!

  1. Ride my bike on more varied routes {I do love my trek out to Nobby's breakwall, but perhaps it's time to mix it up}.
  2. Go for a family bike ride!
  3. Bake bread.
  4. Make cheese!
  5. Go for a nighttime swim in the Ocean Baths or Bogie Hole on a hot summer's night.
  6. Take REAL photos! I got a digital SLR for Christmas and I plan on using that baby!
  7. Learn French. Quickly! I need to find an intensive course, I have six months to improve.
  8. Have my girlfriends over for cocktails by the pool.
  9. Organise more drinks parties.
  10. Learn crochet, knitting or sewing with my gal.
  11. Ride the Fernleigh Track. I think I'm nearly fit enough.
  12. Do some yoga with my gal.
  13. Go on more dates with my hubby.
  14. Weed out my wardrobe. Ditch the old stuff, and sew/buy some new.
  15. Continue to find new ways to increase the vegetables in husband and child's diet.
  16. Do something that scares me.
  17. Write those e-books I've started.
  18. Bring a smile to someone's face every day.
  19. Keep discovering new music.
  20. Get a damned mammogram - honestly, I didn't do this one this year. I'm a nincompoop.
  21. Give blood monthly.
  22. Organise my files on my computer. Blerk.
  23. Save like a maniac for guilt-free spending on our OS holiday.
  24. Sell or give away on Freecycle all superfluous items.
  25. Print out photos from our OS holidays, frame them and hang them.
  26. Make a start on painting the house {well, at least the fencing on the verandas!}.
  27. Get back into the making the bed every day habit.
  28. Create new and interesting salads.
  29. Clean out the DVD and CD drawers!
  30. Eat out more often, supporting locals!
  31. Shop as little as possible at the supermarket, choosing small and local instead.
  32. Get those weird, pesky jobs done - such as putting handles on the wardrobe that's in my study!
  33. Catch up more often with my friends from far away {um, Sydney, and Melbourne…}
  34. Blog more often {poor, neglected blog!}
  35. Learn something as a family {the other two were not keen at all on this last year, but I shall find something, oh yes I will}.
  36. Go out and take pics with my gal. She's studying photography as an elective, and what better way to learn than to do!
  37. Go back to looking on the bright side. Politics have got me down. But I can still fight for what I think is right and not allow myself to be brought down!
  38. Start plotting a bathroom makeover {once we've had our holiday and can save enough for it}.
  39. Find alternative lunches for my sandwich-loathing gal. Something new.
  40. Get those weird little places in my house sorted. We have a really cute lowboy in the alcove outside the bathroom. My plan is to place a couple of baskets on top, for towels, and fill inside with excess bathroom stuff. Instead random crap gets piled on top. Must measure, buy baskets, and get this sorted. Stat.
  41. Go around the house, gather all the random piles, jars and cups of coins, and take them to the bank - hello OS spending money.
  42. Repair those items of clothing that are filed away under 'to repair'.
  43. Do something with the ideas buzzing around in my head.
  44. Find and nurture collaborators.
  45. Go to burlesque fitness each week.
  46. Read books somewhere other than bed.
  47. Do another course at the Hunter Writer's Centre - the Travel Writing one was ace.
  48. Do some travel writing.
  49. Make an effort to dress up regularly.
  50. Do something spontaneous and awesome!


  1. Well these all sound fantastic - with the possible exception of making cheese although "blessed are the cheesemakers" so maybe you're onto something there. Let me know if you need a buddy for any of them and here's to a Happy New Year!

    1. Oh my word! I will - how about we start with number 50?

  2. Great list! I'll ride fernleigh with you if you want a riding companion. And I did like your french word of the day that you started this year with, that'd help your french along!

    1. Oh Vicki, I'd love that! And yes, you're right, I'll do the French Word A Day again - good thinking x

    2. Ok, let me know when you want to do the ride! X

    3. Will do! I think SOON! Let's aim for late January shall we?

  3. Another great list most of which are beyond my capacity these days. I too slipped with the daily bedmaking but with these hot nights I usually throw the sheet and light blanket back with the excuse that it 'cools the bed down'. lol
    I agree that your French word for the day would definitely be good for you learning the language 'quickly'. Wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Mimsie, I AM going to do the French Word A Day thing again - have a lovely new year x

  4. How fabulous is 2014 going to be with that list?! Well done! You've totally inspired me to write my own list, now what to put on it…. xx

    1. 2014 will be AWESOME! Can't wait to see your list x

    2. This is just what I need to do....happy ticking off that list as you conquer in 2014.

    3. Thanks lovely, I enjoyed it so much this year, can't wait for this next year!

  5. Great list Linda! Snap on some of those too, my list is downsized this year due to the "projects" I am hoping to complete, but I can certainly join you on some of your items and hope you can join me on some of mine!!


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