Friday, February 21, 2014

fabulous friday

Phew, it's the end of another busy week, or, the start of a busy weekend! Today I celebrate the end of my first fortnight make in full-time work - and it's been rather fabulous. Huge learning curve - but fab! And flexible! Today I'm starting early and finishing late because I'll be dashing off in the middle of the day to check out the launch of the Newcastle Writer's Festival! Wooo hoooo! I can't wait to see the full program and find out what delights are in store.

Oh, I do know one person that's on a panel - me!

Yes, eep, I'm on a panel, but more to be revealed tomorrow (hint: it may just be about blogging…)

As for the rest of the weekend, tonight I'm off to the Grand Reopening of the Regal Cinema. I love this place and am so happy that a bunch of dedicated people have spent years working on its restoration and revival after it was closed by council many years ago. I have no idea what to expect from the opening night - a lot of tears of joy I expect.

Saturday night I'm off with three friends to an outdoor cinema event - in the Carriage Sheds down near Nobby's Beach. We're going to get Scotties takeaway for a picnic, and take a thermos of Pimms to share. We're going to see Frances Ha, my fave movie of 2013. Can't wait.

Sunday I'm off to the movies (again!) with FOUR of my friends, to The Regal, to see Dallas Buyers Club. FUN!

And, in between, I'll be spending some time catching up with my family and just relaxing. Like in this glorious image from here. How's the serenity?


  1. You always seem to be doing such fun things. Have a lovely weekend, xT

  2. ooh! all the best for your panel at the festival!
    wishing you a happy weekend!


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