Monday, February 17, 2014

meal planning monday

Well hello there and aren't you looking all fabulous this Monday morning! (Of course you are, I won't take no for an answer…) Now, I'm heading into week two of my new job - hurrah, and slowly getting myself into a new routine. It's a bit of a busy week, but not as busy as last week so that's a relief.

Here's what's on my meal plan this week:

Monday: netball team announcements on Monday night at 6.30 at the netball courts, and my gal's got ballet lessons. I'll make a green chicken curry when I get home from work at 5:30 and serve it up when we're all done. (Taylor's Green Curry mix is my quick-cheat of choice - plus microwave rice!)

Tuesday: I haven't made chilli con carne in yonks, so I should shouldn't I? Hello slow cooker!

Wednesday: AGM tonight at 7pm so an early dinner of lamb cutlets, mash and greens.

Thursday: pork kebabs tonight. With a coleslaw that includes finely sliced fennel. I had this on Saturday night on my pork belly burger and it was DIVINE!

Friday: tonight I'm going to the opening of the Regal Picture Theatre. So excited. I love this place and was devastated when it closed down. Community dedication over the years has seen it reopen and I'll be sure to support it. It's only 5 mins from my work, so I'll work back a bit and then go. Hubby and daughter off to Maitland to visit his parents.

Saturday: Cinema in the Carriage Sheds tonight when my twitter besties A, C and J. We're seeing Frances Ha (my movie of the year last year) with a picnic that shall include a thermos of Pimms! As for food, hmmmmm, finger food's aways good. Little pancetta and goat cheese tarts perhaps?

Sunday: family roast dinner night - followed by SPC peaches and icecream (naturally). I might do a roast beef tonight and include baby beetroot in the vegies I roast.


ps; that pic is my peaches with almonds and greek yoghurt on 'bircher' breakfast (oats soaked in water for 15 mins!) tasty and easy.


  1. I can't believe there have been no comments on what is once again a menu that should delight anyone. We do CCC in cooler weather but never in a slow cooker. Have to try and find a recipe for it if I can. Phil's favourite food.
    Hope you enjoy the two planned outings but then you always do enjoy yourself so no doubts about it. You yourself are such a joyful happy person (Joyeux heureux personne)

    1. Thanks Mimsie, you know, it's weird - the posts that have the most views always have the least comments. With CCC in the slow cooker I just brown the mince and onions, then throw all ingredients in the slow cooker- adding a little extra water to make up for the slow cooker aspect. I also cover it with damp baking paper to keep it moist while cooking. Merci for your lovely words my lovely online friend x

  2. yep, so this is a indicator of my week, but i'm only just getting to this in my reader NOW!
    it is almost 11pm on friday ha ha!
    looks like a good meal plan for the week though... hope it's going well so far ;)
    hope the writer's festival panel gig went well too!!


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