Sunday, February 02, 2014

so sweet

Oh hai, here I am, raving about my city and how awesome it is again. I don't mean to - it just keeps leaping up into my face being fabulous all the time.

For example, look at this. This is the back courtyard at the Bank Corner café. How gloriously
European and fabulous is it? For a start it's in one of my favourite buildings in Newcastle - a gorgeous corner building that makes me sigh with delight every time I see it. The café itself is also an Art Deco delight. And now there's this - a courtyard that makes me feel like I'm in New York, or Berlin, or
hey, Newcastle!

Speaking of sweet, Hello Naomi is the newest kid on the cupcake block. Residing in my favourite stretch of King Street, a plane-tree lined series of cute terraces right near the Tower Cinemas Hello Naomi serves up the sweetest series of cupcakes and cookies with damned delicious coffee in the cutest little space.

I am a BIG One Penny Black fan. These guys were one of the first to recognise the potential of Newcastle Mall after Renew Newcastle came in and started populating empty storefronts with awesome. After a few years in their little corner space, they've moved down the mall and into a much bigger space that's still not big enough to cater to the crowds who come for the delicious coffee and tasty treats. See this? It's avocado on sourdough, a classic, but oh, with such a twist.

My meal came with a fresh beetroot relish and feta. YUMARAMA! And the great tastes didn't stop there, oh no. It was the little things, such as the drizzle of chilli oil, and sprinklings of herbs, seeds and other yummy additions that made this such a tasty treat.


Now, I'm a coffee drinker, and I don't drink nearly enough tea, but that's probably because I don't hang out often enough in cool tea houses like Madame Mo's. Located on Maitland Road, Islington this is THE spot for a pot of tea to wash down your dumplings.

Oh yes, I said dumplings.

For my tea I chose Fairy Tale - for the name alone. But the flavour was something else. Green tea, rose and marigold make for a magnificently-scented tea - and a surprisingly light, refreshing brew.


Now, I have waxed lyrical about Alice from Baked Uprising for yonks. The things that this woman does with a cake/tart/sweet defy belief. But, just when I thought she couldn't excel herself any more she did. She and her partner Christo have opened Uprising in Maryville.

Oh my.

Now the fabulous sweets are accompanied by bread that dances on your tastebuds - they do the rhumba, the samba, a bit of dance and some classical ballet. Not since Paris have I swooned so hard at a loaf. The crispy crust, the fluffy insides, oh yeah baby. On a weekend morning the line stretches out the door almost to the street, and it's so worth the wait.

My aim is to cycle over so I can justify all the goodies I'll have to stuff myself with. Choosing is ridiculously difficult, everything looks so amazing, and tastes even better.

Newcastle - I love you. And all the awesome people who conspire to keep me eating well.


  1. So many great cafés here! I tend more to Beaumont St and I also love Goldberg's in Darby St. There are 2 cafés near bank corner now, both good, it's created a nice little space there. I must find uprising in Maryville now!

    1. Oh yes, I'm also a fan of The Social just near Bank Corner. So good. And Darby Street of course!

      A ride to Uprising is a great idea. Ride along the foreshore, ride into Hague Street it's on the corner of Hague and Downie Streets. Closed Mon and Tues.

  2. You certainly have a great selection of fabulous eating places. A delightful town of which you speak so highly and rightly so. x

  3. There is so much to rave about in Newcastle. Don't ever stop. xT


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