Saturday, February 15, 2014

sweet, sweet saturday

Aaahhhhh, it's the end of what has probably been the busiest week of my life. I've settled in to my new job at the Uni (working in the digital marketing dept which is exciting), did over 40 media interviews re: SPC Sunday (which culminated in the company coming up with a deal so it can stay in Australia - hurrah), guest-tweeting on a new, rotational Twitter account I Am Newcastle and finishing off bits and pieces of other work.

And being a mum and wife.

And netball stuff.


Today I started off with breakfast with a friend, have bookclub this afternoon to discuss The Book Thief, and then tonight I'm off to see THIS!

Tomorrow I'm hosting a meeting with Jazz and Ruth who are my co-presenters at a Blogging Workshop hosted by Hunter Writer's Centre next month. Given it's SPC Sunday I guess I should bake a cake - a peach or apricot cake I imagine.

Have a lovely weekend my lovelies x

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  1. ooh that sounds like a lovely weekend!

    1. It most certainly has been. Just waiting on my blogging friends to arrive - and there's an apricot and almond cake baking (that my lovely daughter is baking while I write - bless). x


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