Monday, March 31, 2014

meal planning monday

I needed this pop of cherry red to wake me up on this grey ol' morning. On days like this I'll be happy to see the end of daylight savings. I have a not-too-busy week this week, hurrah! Here's what's on the menu.

monday: my gal has late ballet tonight, I've got a butterflied chicken to cook on the bbq and serve with salads for dinner.

tuesday: my gal's netball team training - we don't get home till after 6pm, so I'll make spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tonight.

wednesday: my other team's netball training, while my gal has ballet. I'll make up Nigella's Greek Lamb chops in the morning and get hubby to throw it in the oven at 5:45. Then it'll be ready at 6.30 after my gal finishes dance class.

thursday: I have a netball committee meeting tonight. I'll make green chicken curry for dinner.

friday: it's the opening of the Newcastle Writer's Festival tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing Wendy Harmer tonight. I'll make a butterflied lamb dish on the bbq and serve it with beetroot, walnut, feta and green leaf salad before I dash out.

saturday: lots of Newcastle Writer's Festival stuff today. Takeaway for dinner in between sessions.

sunday: more Writer's Festival (including MY panel in the afternoon - eep!). I think I'll buy a bbq chicken and shred it into a vietnamese salad for dinner tonight.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

sweet soggy saturday

Oh hey, did you miss me? Once again I've had an insanely busy time and something had to give. Poor blog. It was my blog. You always neglect the ones you love don't you?

I feel like I'm finally settling into my new job, which I'm loving, but gee, getting used to full-time work after freelancing from home requires juggling. Some balls are staying in the air, while others are falling down, rolling under a cupboard and are gathering dust bunnies…

Today's aim is to make one part of my home look like this - a cosy, safe haven. How hard can it be?

Monday, March 17, 2014

meal planning monday {by a whisker}

This pic has nothing to do with meal planning. In fact, it's a Christmas pic - but hey, it's pretty and who doesn't need a pretty pic sometimes?

Hey, if I say "whew, this is a busy week" will you feel inclined to throw a shoe at me? I totally understand it - I feel like throwing a shoe at me, especially when I keep saying 'yes' to stuff. Oh well, plenty of time to slow down later…

Here's what we're eating:

Monday: well, I made seven-hour-lamb on a bed of French lentils on Sunday night, so tonight I made a rich red wine and beef gravy, thickened it, added the leftover chopped lamb, and the lentils with bacon - then popped it in a pie dish and covered it with puff pastry. DELISH. Natch, I served it with mash.

Tuesday: I'm working late tonight. There's a Great Debate at the Uni between students and academics so I'm going along to 'live tweet it'. Yes, that is part of my job - sweet hey? I'll have pizza in the Godfrey Tanner Bar!

Wednesday: my 11-year-old team's netball training, my gal's second ballet lesson. I'll make spaghetti bolognaise tonight.

Thursday: the very amazing and talented Anita Heiss is coming to Newcastle to launch her new book Tiddas, so I have two days worth of celebrations to attend. Hurrah! Launch tonight at Lake Macquarie Art Gallery - then home for a late dinner. Green Curry Chicken I think.

Friday: launch party with fingerfood and cocktails followed by more cocktails and food at Le Passe Temps. Exciting! Husband and child can fend for themselves with pizza.

Saturday: nothing planned. Phew. I'll make a beef and guinness stew. With colcannon mash.

Sunday: roast chicken and veg. And soft polenta. I love soft polenta.

If you'd like to attend the Anita Heiss launch call 4921 0781. Thursday night is FREE, while Friday night is finger food and a drink and costs $27. I have many frocks all prepared.


Monday, March 10, 2014

meal planning monday

Well, this kitchen certainly offers it up in the pop of colour stakes doesn't it? How happy is colour? {very}. Speaking of happy, having a plan for meals makes me happy - even if it's a very, very, very simple one. Here it is:

monday: daughter's late ballet = steak and salad for dinner.

tuesday: I've yet to cook my leg of lamb in the slow cooker. Best do so hey? On a bed of french lentils with red wine. It'll be all ready for us when we get home from netball training.

wednesday: my 11-year-old netball training finishes at 6pm, daughter finishes ballet at 6.30 and I have an event to attend {Pecha Kucha at The Edwards} at 7pm. Hmmm, juggling time. Green chicken curry and rice it is. so quick and simple.

thursday: erm. I don't think I have anything on. Surely that's an error. I should make something that takes a little effort. Garlic prawns on the bbq with a salad. {Not really an effort, but it's something different…}

friday: salmon patties, lemon roasted potatoes and green salad.

saturday: papadelle, shredded chicken and lemon.

sunday: roast pork belly and lots of vegies.

Phew. DONE!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

sweet, sweet saturday

Ahhhhh, Saturday. I do love Saturday - the day when the whole weekend's stretched out before you - ripe with possibility. Today I'm off to give a workshop on Blogging for the Hunter Writer's Centre {that's come around quickly hasn't it?} and I'm very excited. I love sharing things I've learned, I don't see the point in keeping them to myself. If I've discovered something that makes things move more smoothly, then why not share it?

Apparently the session's sold out, which is great news. I know that my fellow presenters have been spending a lot of time preparing, so we'll definitely give good value for money. I hope they all the participants walk away with at least a few a-ha moments. I know I will!

See this pic? It's from Cornwall, on our last trip to England. We're planning on spending some time there again on our next trip - which is zooming up pretty quickly! Best get some plans happening.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies x

Friday, March 07, 2014

oh hai autumn

Although it means the end of the swimming season, I do love Autumn. Don't you just adore it when you can feel that crisp bite of chill in the air? And the way the sky's hues soften and mellow? If I had to have a favourite season it'd be Autumn, mainly because it's still just the right temperature to do all the things I love (cycle, swim, go for walks on the beach) without the heat and humidity.

I'm planning on enjoying a bit of that this weekend. Since starting my new job I haven't cycled once - or done anything even vaguely energetic. This must be rectified as it's taking a toll on my health. Tomorrow I'm presenting at a blogging workshop, but once it's over I'll be riding my bike - unless it's hailing! Got to exercise the body as well as the mind don't you think?

image: my backyard.

Monday, March 03, 2014

meal planning monday

Hey, if you happen to be having a bit of a chat to time can you tell it to PLEASE slow down? Goodness gracious! How is it already March? HOW? GAH!

Okay, deep breaths, here's what's on the meal plan this week.

Monday: my gal has her loooooooooooong ballet lesson today. I'm making chilli con carne (no, honestly, I am, I swear!)

Tuesday: I'm going to do seven hour leg of lamb in the slow cooker today. On a bed of french lentils, stuffed with garlic and anchovies. It'll be ready when we get home from netball training.

Wednesday: my other day of netball training, while my gal is at ballet. For dinner I'm smashing out and marinating some chicken breasts in Peri Peri Sauce. I'll serve them with salad and flatbread.

Thursday: I'm going straight after work to pick up a friend and we're off to a preview of a very cool local artist named James Drinkwater. I love his work - love. Must keep credit card in my pocket. Shall serve up some spaghetti carbonara when I get home - that's a 10 minute quickie!

Friday: I'll need brain food as I'm spending most of the day at a blogging workshop (as a presenter) on Saturday. Eep! Salmon. And salad. Oh my!

Saturday: baked beans on toast?

Sunday: I didn't make pork belly last week, so I might do it this week. With lots of greens.