Monday, March 17, 2014

meal planning monday {by a whisker}

This pic has nothing to do with meal planning. In fact, it's a Christmas pic - but hey, it's pretty and who doesn't need a pretty pic sometimes?

Hey, if I say "whew, this is a busy week" will you feel inclined to throw a shoe at me? I totally understand it - I feel like throwing a shoe at me, especially when I keep saying 'yes' to stuff. Oh well, plenty of time to slow down later…

Here's what we're eating:

Monday: well, I made seven-hour-lamb on a bed of French lentils on Sunday night, so tonight I made a rich red wine and beef gravy, thickened it, added the leftover chopped lamb, and the lentils with bacon - then popped it in a pie dish and covered it with puff pastry. DELISH. Natch, I served it with mash.

Tuesday: I'm working late tonight. There's a Great Debate at the Uni between students and academics so I'm going along to 'live tweet it'. Yes, that is part of my job - sweet hey? I'll have pizza in the Godfrey Tanner Bar!

Wednesday: my 11-year-old team's netball training, my gal's second ballet lesson. I'll make spaghetti bolognaise tonight.

Thursday: the very amazing and talented Anita Heiss is coming to Newcastle to launch her new book Tiddas, so I have two days worth of celebrations to attend. Hurrah! Launch tonight at Lake Macquarie Art Gallery - then home for a late dinner. Green Curry Chicken I think.

Friday: launch party with fingerfood and cocktails followed by more cocktails and food at Le Passe Temps. Exciting! Husband and child can fend for themselves with pizza.

Saturday: nothing planned. Phew. I'll make a beef and guinness stew. With colcannon mash.

Sunday: roast chicken and veg. And soft polenta. I love soft polenta.

If you'd like to attend the Anita Heiss launch call 4921 0781. Thursday night is FREE, while Friday night is finger food and a drink and costs $27. I have many frocks all prepared.



  1. That certainly is a pretty picture so why not share it.
    I'll tell you make this old lady feel quite tired with all your doings. Do you ever really stop? I guess when I was young and had lots of young grandchildren and worked full time I was always on the go too. One forgets all the things one was able to handle when young.
    As usual, your menu sounds delicious.

    1. I swear I'm going to slow down soon Mimsie - I SWEAR! x


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