Saturday, March 29, 2014

sweet soggy saturday

Oh hey, did you miss me? Once again I've had an insanely busy time and something had to give. Poor blog. It was my blog. You always neglect the ones you love don't you?

I feel like I'm finally settling into my new job, which I'm loving, but gee, getting used to full-time work after freelancing from home requires juggling. Some balls are staying in the air, while others are falling down, rolling under a cupboard and are gathering dust bunnies…

Today's aim is to make one part of my home look like this - a cosy, safe haven. How hard can it be?


  1. Welcome back! I can't even imagine how I will juggle full-time work with my blog. And you've had the added stress/excitement of saving Aussie companies on the side!

  2. It will all fall into place soon as you are such a capable person. You are missed but priorities have to be recognised don't they? Just always remember all work and no play so you must have some time for yourself.
    I often wonder how I worked fulltime while Phil worked fulltime and he also attended university doing his degree and we had grown children and grandchildren here so often too. I sometimes think we didn't have enough US time but you get through it and come out the other side eventually. Now it is all US time as everyone else is just so busy and the oldies get forgotten. Ah, that's life I guess.

  3. If anyone can do it, you can my sweet lady. I've certainly missed you round these parts and it's lovely to see you back here. xx


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