Tuesday, May 27, 2014

paris when it sizzles

Pretty soon I'm going to have to stop pinching myself that I'll be in Paris soon - probably when I'm actually IN Paris I'd imagine.

There will be drinks here: Au petit fer a cheval - with its long, curved zinc bar. And there'll be plenty of baguettes from boulongerie such as these. Oh my. I'm desperately trying to work out my must-sees, luckily, as it's our fourth trip we've already ticked off a few things in the past.

Another dinner in the Musee d'Orsay is a must. And a trip up the Eiffel Tower - however, we might do it at night this time. Perhaps having dinner up there?

Any must-sees in Paris you have for me?

Monday, May 26, 2014

meal planning monday

We have surprise visitors this week. My mum texted yesterday to say they'd like to stop off for a few days on their way back from their Kombi trek to Uluru. Of course, we jumped at the chance. So now I have to whip up a meal plan involving vegetarian dishes.

Onto it!

Monday: I have some lamb chops I didn't use the other night, but need to. So I'll coat them in chilli flakes and lemon zest and grill them on the bbq. I'll also make a potato and capsicum tortilla - with a green salad. Perfect.

Tuesday: We'll have mexican tonight. I have chicken breasts I need to use, so I'll flatten that, coat it with herbs and spices and grill. Then I'll whip up a spicy bean mix and lots of salad and we'll have those with tacos.

Wednesday: Purely vego tonight. I'll make a chickpea, pumpkin and potato curry with rice.

Thursday: quinoa and carrot fritters. I saw something like this made the other night on telly - how hard can it be? With green salad. And garlic aoli.

Friday: we should go to dinner somewhere. Probs Napoli Centrale Pizza.

Saturday: bbq.

Sunday: Roast dinner. Beef perhaps - with veg. I'm assuming our house guests will have toddled off by now.

Monday, May 19, 2014

meal planning monday

Goodness, Monday? Again? And (shhhhh, don't tell anyone) I think I missed last week. Despite desperate attempts, time isn't slowing down. So I guess I'd best just get over it. And plan some meals. Yes? Okay, this week:

Monday: this is probably the night of the week I have the most time to cook and serve up a meal - so I'll make paella. My gal finishes ballet at 7:15, so I'll have it on the table when she gets home.

Tuesday: I'm leading a workshop tonight, so I won't be home till around 8pm. Husband and child can cook up spaghetti bolognaise.

Wednesday: my 11 year old's netball training, so I'm home at 6:15pm. I ordered meats from Aussie Farmers Direct last week and this week and there's chicken burgers in the mix. Shall buy some breadrolls, whip up some guacamole, make a salsa and have mexican chicken burgers tonight.

Thursday: my gal and I are off to the theatre to see Romeo and Juliet with a bunch of my friends, and some of their kids too. FUN! We'll have an early dinner. I think I ordered lamb chops, so we'll have Nigella's Greek Lamb Chops tonight - with green salad.

Friday: hubby and I are off to Sydney to see one of my all-time-fave bands play at the Opera House - Pixies! So excited. We'll eat beforehand at the Opera Bar. My in-laws are coming to stay with my gal and feed her something scrummy.

Saturday: it's Sydney Writers Festival so I'll stay down in Sydney and see a few things, then catch up with friends for an early dinner before catching the train home.

Sunday: I ordered a chook - so we'll have roast chook for dinner! With all the vegie trimmings.

That's it. You?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

38 days...

Oh my goodness, in just 38 days we're flying out for a five week holiday! Three weeks in England, a week in Paris and a week in The Lot in the South of France. The housesitters are booked, so are our flights, accommodation and a few other bits and pieces. Eeep! This lovely room above is our Paris apartment. We're staying in The Marais again this time. It's my favourite part of this beautiful city with just the right amount of bustle to make me feel we're really in Paris.

We're staying with good friends, whose daughter is the same age as our gal - they've been friends since pre-school - and have gone through all levels of schooling together. How cute is that! 

We're currently trying to book car hire, but we've decided to leave that up to our travel agent. As we're picking the car up in Paris, then driving down to The Lot, and dropping it at Bordeaux airport it's a little complex. Now, see this house? It's our place for a week in the lot.

This is the view over the town of Saint Cirq la Poppie.

 And yes, this is the view from the pool. I know. I am pinching myself too. 

We're keen to make this visit a mix of relaxation, and seeing as much as possible. Basing ourselves in the one spot for a week at a time means we can toddle off to various towns to check out their markets, have a spot of lunch, then come home for a bbq dinner with champagne poolside. (Well, not in Paris, but our apartment does have a terrace that overlooks a garden courtyard).