Monday, May 26, 2014

meal planning monday

We have surprise visitors this week. My mum texted yesterday to say they'd like to stop off for a few days on their way back from their Kombi trek to Uluru. Of course, we jumped at the chance. So now I have to whip up a meal plan involving vegetarian dishes.

Onto it!

Monday: I have some lamb chops I didn't use the other night, but need to. So I'll coat them in chilli flakes and lemon zest and grill them on the bbq. I'll also make a potato and capsicum tortilla - with a green salad. Perfect.

Tuesday: We'll have mexican tonight. I have chicken breasts I need to use, so I'll flatten that, coat it with herbs and spices and grill. Then I'll whip up a spicy bean mix and lots of salad and we'll have those with tacos.

Wednesday: Purely vego tonight. I'll make a chickpea, pumpkin and potato curry with rice.

Thursday: quinoa and carrot fritters. I saw something like this made the other night on telly - how hard can it be? With green salad. And garlic aoli.

Friday: we should go to dinner somewhere. Probs Napoli Centrale Pizza.

Saturday: bbq.

Sunday: Roast dinner. Beef perhaps - with veg. I'm assuming our house guests will have toddled off by now.


  1. Great to have your folks visit. You put on your thinking cap and once again came up with some great dinner ideas. Well done as usual.

    1. Thank you Mimsie, yes, it is just lovely having them visit x


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